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Measurement technology for sensing distance and position

Analysing and mastering every kind of distance measurement is our profession. With long-term experience and great passion we are developing a variety of sensors. Our portfolio incorporates eddy current sensors, inductive transducers, laser sensors and Magnescale products. The wide spectrum of standardized and customized sensors guarantees maximum precision for every application. Our development is focussing on the expansion of the fields machinery diagnostics and miniature sensors.

Production of high-precision sensors

Are you looking for precisely measuring sensors that provide exact measuring results for your specific application?
Then we are the right company for you. As a specialist in distance and position measurement technology, we produce high quality sensors for your applications on a daily basis.
We would also be happy to produce custom-made products for you at our plant in Otterfing.


Development of specific sensors

Constant innovation and development are essential aspects of our business today and, thus, an integral part of our daily work. With the know-how accumulated by our team over many years, we are able to improve our products with passion every day, enabling us to take new paths in the world of position measurement technology.
If you require special solutions for your application, just contact us. We will put all our know-how and ability into designing the right system for you.

Eddy current software for analysis and configuration

The powerful software tool eddyMOTION is a Windows-based analysis and configuration tool which, together with the TX Driver from eddylab GmbH, combines several features:

  • Visualization and documentation of measurement data
  • Extensive analysis options for the measurement data
  • Configuration of the sensors
  • Traceable calibration and linearization of eddy current sensors

Get eddyMOTION as a free download from our website!

Further information can be found in the datasheet of the TX-System.

Environmental management

The protection of the environment and the careful and sustainable use of its resources are important to us. Environmental protection is therefore a central corporate goal for eddylab. We have already implemented the following measures:

  • Environmental certification according to ISO 14001
  • Avoidance of waste, environmentally conscious disposal, economical use of raw materials, short transport distances
  • Energy-efficient company headquarters: energy-efficient construction; air/heat pump; LED lighting; Photovoltaics-systems
  • Optimized resource consumption
  • Sustainable retrofit solutions by upgrading/repairing of existing systems
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