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New company location at Otterfing

eddylab GmbH has moved to new company building


Otterfing, 23.07.18 eddylab GmbH, specialist in distance and position measurement technology, has moved its headquarter to Otterfing, located in the south of Munich.

The new construction occupies a total area of 2,600 m², which means an enormous increase of the production and office area. The two-story building with a large glass front offers a production and logistic department on the ground floor. The first floor accommodates offices, laboratories and meeting rooms.

“We have already settled in well, - precisely because the new building offers optimal working conditions. It combines all the demands we made on a modern workplace: good accessibility and a modern working atmosphere to come up with new ideas”, summarises eddylab CEO Michael Reiter. “The new building provides potential to expand our product range: we are currently focused on the development of innovative draw wire sensors as well as tailored customer solutions, which we can now manufacture faster and more flexibly.”

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Dive deep!

eddylab presents a new waterproof eddy-current driver with IP68 protection class.


Taufkirchen, 14.03.18 – The new AX-Series in combination with our ultra-robust eddy-current sensors is an entirely waterproof eddy-current system. A customized molding procedure admits subsea operation of the entire system.

The CNC-machined electronic box is sealed with an O-ring. The frontsided connection between eddy-current sensor and housing is achieved with a hermetically sealed LEMO-connection. The M12-connection on the rear side is also IP68 rated and withstands pressures up to 10 bars. The high degree of pressure resistance between the cable and the connector comes with a specialized injection molding process. The injection process crosslinks the cable’s TPE-jacked and the connector to a monolithic unit.

The AX-System is utilized in tidal power plants. These turbines are placed 40m below sea level with a period free of maintenance for five years. The eddy-current sensors measure the deflection curve of the rotating blades. This information serves as a parameter for maximum performance of the turbine.

Michael Reiter, CEO advices: “The application of sensors under water or in a wet process is a demanding task. A leakage is a no-go. Therefor the choice of the appropriate protection class during projecting is essential.”


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eddylab invests in a new location

eddylab GmbH, specialist in distance and position measurement technology, is planning a new headquarter in Otterfing, Bavaria.


Taufkirchen, 01.3.2017 – With a total space of about 2,500 m², new offices and a production department are built. The new building will be ready for occupation in February 2018.

After a grant of support of the regional government of Oberbayern in December 2016 the concrete planning has begun. The tailor-made design was developed by Freyler Industriebau and eddylab CEO Michael Reiter: On the ground floor level of the two-story industrial building there will be the production area, the incoming and outcoming goods, test laboratories as well as the welcome reception and an exhibition area. This part of the new building will be finished in December 2017. Offices for development, administration and management are planned for the first floor. The new building will be constructed in accordance with the latest energy standards and will create a good working environment.

„The expansion of our company headquarters – an extension with 2,500 m² – will provide us the potential for innovative solutions“, explains managing director Michael Reiter. „The new location is an important milestone in the company’s history: We will make a great advance in the strategic expansion of our business and the development of new product lines.”

eddylab, founded in 1999, currently has about 25 employees and plans to provide 15 new jobs after the move.

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