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Repair and calibration service

All eddylab measuring devices are manufactured according to stringent quality standards and are renowned for their robustness and durability. If your measuring device is no longer working with the usual precision or is defective, please send the device back to us for inspection.

If you would like a regular calibration for your measurement system, please make reference to this on the RMA-Form. The complete measuring system consisting of sensor, electronics and cable should be sent in to ensure an application-focused calibration. It goes without saying that the repair or calibration will be carried out as quickly as possible. After assessing the device, we will send you a cost estimate within a few days. For a smooth process please take note of the following points:


  • Please download and complete the repair form, including defect description, and include it in the return shipment.
  • If you are sending an eddy current sensor including material sample for calibration, please note the following:
    • Identify the material sample by specifying the international material number.
    • Furthermore, please mark the partial area of the sample to which the sensor is to be calibrated.
    • The material sample should correspond as closely as possible to the future measurement object.
  • Use original packaging for shipping the device. In the event of improper packaging, the sender shall be liable for any damage during transport. In this case, eddylab reserves the right to re-pack the goods for return. This can lead to additional costs.
  • Please return your unit to the following address:

     eddylab GmbH
     Abteilung Service und Support
     Ludwig-Ganghofer-Straße 40
     83624 Otterfing, Germany

  • We hope you will understand that we cannot accept devices that are shipped freight collect.

To the Repair Form


Period of warranty: 18 months after commissioning, but maximum 24 months after delivery

A warranty claim is applicable if a fault arises within the period of warranty and there has been no clear misuse of or damage to the device. Misuse or damage may include improper use, general wear and tear, failure to follow the installation instructions and warnings, unauthorised interference, damage caused by collision, dropping the device or water/liquids, as well as erroneous storage.

In the event of a warranty claim, we will either provide a replacement free of cost or repair the fault free of charge at our discretion.

If the product was clearly damaged by third party negligence, the repair or replacement will incur costs. For this purpose, a cost estimate is provided, unless otherwise agreed. The cost estimate is not binding. If, during a repair, other defects or additional expenditure are identified, we will inform the sender and the additional repairs will be carried out after the respective costs have been accepted.

Repair estimates are free of cost for the customer. If a repair is declined by the customer, a general processing and verification fee of EUR50.00 will be charged. The scrap disposal of a device is free of charge.

If a device is not forwarded to us in its original packing, we reserve the right to repack the device for a safe return transport, which will result in additional costs.

If we are not given the go-ahead for the repair within 4 weeks following issue of the cost estimate, we reserve the right to return the device to the sender, charging the aforementioned general cost estimate fee.

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