Quality and Environmental Management

Highest quality. Guaranteed.

The quality of our products is the focus of our daily work. Our quality management system conforms with the latest ISO 9001:2015 and is TÜV-certified. The production of high-precision parts from selected, long-standing suppliers, in-process inspections and highly qualified personnel form the basis for the extraordinary quality of our products. Confirmation of quality is given by a 100% inspection prior to the delivery of each device in the form of a calibration certificate, which is included in the delivery.

In addition to the quality of our finished products, we attach utmost importance to process quality. Efficient processes, close contact with customers and short decision-making lines enable us to respond quickly and flexibly to customer requests and to implement these systematically in new sensor technology solutions – with key performance and cost advantages.


Environmental protection policy

We consider environmentalism as a necessity for the sustainable development of our society and a safe future. With the introduction of an environmental management system and the successful ISO certification ISO 14001 we prove our claim to continuously optimize our own quality and environmental awareness. We set great value upon the economical consumtion of our ressources the protection of our climate and the production of ecological products. That's why we feel liable to offer spareparts for all our products over many years. 

We guarantee repair acceptance for all the products produced at our place regardless of the age. This admits - with the consideration of efficiency - the maintenance of devices older than ten years.


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