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eddyMOTION eddy current software tool

eddyMOTION is a Windows-based analysis and configuration tool for eddy current probes. In combination with the TX electronics from eddylab GmbH, the software tool combines several performance features: The functional areas oscilloscope, FFT analysis, data logger and waterfall diagram, enables the visualization and documentation of mechanical movements. eddyMOTION also suites the on-site linearization of eddy current sensors in a traceable manner, without external assistance.

In addition to the TX electronics and an eddylab eddy current sensor, a reference probe is required for this purpose: Together with the eddy current sensor, this probe measures the distance to the same material, with the reference probe serving to check the sensor. Since the accuracy of eddy current sensors is strongly dependent on the target material, a change of the material to be measured can quickly lead to incorrect measurement results: With the help of the eddyMOTION software, the eddy current sensor can be easily calibrated to the new material to achieve linear measurement results.


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