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New LVDT digital controller for inductive transducers

The linearity optimization represents the main issue to LVDT transducers. The linearity is typically at a value of 0.3 %, values of less than 0.1 % are only being offered by a few manufactures.The LVDT digital controller from eddylab, to which either one or two sensors can be connected, now considerably improves the linearity of inductive displacement transducers. The digital controller conditions, digitizes and linearizes the sensor signal and outputs it as a voltage or current signal as well as via CAN bus or USB interface. It is used, for example, in position monitoring in valves of power plants. Here, the eddylab LVDT digital controllers ensure that several valves always have exactly the same opening width in synchronous operation. This is essential in order to avoid undesirable effects and load conditions in the pipelines of the plant.

The readings of the LVDT digital controller can be visualized and configured using the analysis software specially developed by eddylab. As a perfect complement to digital electronics, the software tool offers the user not only the basic functions oscilloscope, data logger and Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT), but also a module for customer calibration within the application. For this purpose, a reference sensor is connected to the digital controller, which detects existing errors. "We want to offer our customers new functionalities and significantly increase the performance of the eddylab sensors through the digital controller," says Michael Reiter, Managing Director of eddylab GmbH.


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