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AX-turbo for dynamic speed measurement in turbochargers

The AX-turbo eddy current sensor system uses the sensor heads of the well proven TX-series which precisely measure distances between 0 to 2 mm and down to the µm-range.

The sensors - either permanently integrated into the turbocharger housing or temporarily mounted - are suitable for non-contact measurements on steel, aluminium and titanium vanes. As a turbo vane approaches the sensor head, a pulse is generated and is output as a TTL signal by the AX-turbo driver.

Due to that, all typically high rotation speeds are achieved (up to 900.000 rpm/10 turbo vanes).

The AX-turbo driver has an analog monitor output with 0,5…4,5 V. This enables an easy installation of the sensor heads, ensures the correct distance to the turbo vane and detects axial movement of the compressor wheels.
eddylab probes are designed for temperatures up to 185 °C and are optimised for the entire temperature range with regard to temperature drift. The sensor heads comply with protection class IP68, the driver as well if required.

Thanks to the high noise immunity demanding bench conditions can easily be mastered.

For more details, please refer to the AX-turbo datasheet.



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