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Laser distance sensors - NEW in the eddylab product portfolio

The laser distance sensors with integrated electronics are suitable for non-contact displacement and distance measurement even on the most demanding surfaces. With different sizes, teachable measuring ranges between 10 mm and 13 m as well as different beam shapes, the AXIS series is well equipped for complex measuring tasks and diverse applications in quality control, electronics production, mechanical engineering as well as the packaging industry.

Highest precision even in a small machine design

The AXIS series includes compact miniature sensors that are not only easy to mount, but also deliver high-precision measurement results under difficult conditions, such as in confined spaces.

High performance in difficult surfaces and challenging lighting conditions

AXIS high-performance sensors with integrated touch display are available for measurement tasks with special surfaces. They provide reliable performance with a resolution of up to 0.7 μm, adjustable focus ranges, selectable filter function and high immunity to ambient light.

AXIS-LR sensors for a long measurement range

AXIS Long-Range sensors provide further areas of application due to their large measuring range up to 13 meters and their extremely compact design.
In addition to our extensive experience and competence in the field of measurement technology, eddylab offers a range of special services:

eddylab's special ADDED VALUE FEATURES

  • Calibration of each individual laser sensor with 50 or more points, also on customer's own objects
  • Teach-in function to increase resolution and accuracy, including calibration, according to customer requirements
  • Verification of the measuring task
  • Thermal protection housing for ambient temperatures with high temperatures


Please find further information here and in the AXIS Laser data sheet.


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