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Ethernet-based network interface for digital gauges

Fieldbus-compatible interface units MG80-NE/EI/PN from Magnescale

With the new interface unit for digital gauges from Magnescale the output data can be calculated and controlled by a PLC via an Ethernet / EtherNet/IP/ PROFINET fieldbus connection.


  • Up to 16 counter modules (MG-80-CM) for measuring probes can be connected to each MG80-NE interface module (Ethernet).
  • Up to four MG80-NE modules can be linked and this enables an overall configuration of up to 64 DK and DT series probes. The MG80-EI (Ethernet IP) and MG80-PN (Profinet) interface modules can be linked to 255 modules, allowing up to 4080 probes to be read.


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