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Apprenticeship at eddylab : First steps into professional life

Whether in the office, in the development department or in the manufacturing area - our trainees support each other in their daily work and in school challenges.

Depending on the apprenticeship profession, they face various tasks together, such as final exams, the first day at the company or familiarization with new departments.

"The mutual support makes our daily training and work routine easy: we have grown together as our own team and are an important part of eddylab," Isabell, second-year office manager, is pleased to say.

Not only the trainees, but also eddylab gains from the many colorful personalities, strengths, and interests, as Managing Director Payam Andreas Saghafi emphasizes: "With our trainees, new impulses and fresh wind come into the company every day: eddylab benefits enormously from the exchange and input of the young generation! We consciously position ourselves as a company that is not only technologically advanced, but also accompanies and supports its trainees in their development with a modern and open corporate culture."

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