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eddylab trainees receive awards



Isabell and Franz had already proven during the last two and a half years of their apprenticeship, together with the entire apprentice team, what a great support and enrichment they are. The fact that both of them have now been rewarded for their excellent performance at school with a state prize* naturally makes the entire eddylab staff and management very happy.

The eddylab trainee team: Mastering training together

But in addition to the eddylab colleagues, the large team of trainees naturally also played a major role: shared lunches, mutual support and lots of laughs are part of the everyday life of the entire trainee team. In a short time, great friendships and a real sense of cohesion had developed from a shy group of very different characters.

It was great to see how Isabell and Franz have developed from the beginning of their apprenticeship to their permanent start at eddylab!

We congratulate them once again on their excellent graduation and are very excited about the future.




*A state prize is awarded if the school performance is at an average of 1.50 or better

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