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eddylab 2.0.4 - now with three factory-calibrations for different materials

The accuracy behaviour of eddy current sensors is naturally a function of the material they are looking at. When it comes to varying target material - it's about to avoid scaling and linearity errors. eddylab GmbH now provides a simple solution for multiple materials. If desired - every eddy current sensor of the TX-Series will be delivered with three calibrations for different materials by factory. This allows a quick exchange of the target material in use. The delivery certainly contains a calibration certificate for each material.

The high-tech solution is given with the eddylab version 'reference'. This feature makes you independent of our factory calibration by the utilisation of a digital gauge. The reference system admits the validation of your eddy current system and the linearisation on-site. The system is the ideal utility for regular system inspection incorporating a traceable calibration.



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