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NEW! AXIS-MI Laser Sensors: Miniature Sensors for Precise Optical Distance Measurement

The smallest sensor in the AXIS-MI-10/104 laser sensor series has a size of only 35 x 37 mm and provides reliable results in the tightest spaces with a measuring range of up to 104 mm. With its high-precision point beam shape, this laser sensor series is particularly suitable for the pinpoint measurement of the smallest components or cracks.

AXIS-MI-50/300/500 series sensors reach a measuring range of up to 500 mm and are available not only with point beam but also with line beam shape.  
These line lasers provide consistent, reliable measurement results on rough, textured surfaces such as metal or wood.  The line beam shape allows the smallest structures on the surface of the measured object to be masked out in order to achieve a particularly precise measurement result.

The laser sensors used at eddylab detect the position and distance of an object using the triangulation principle, whereby the laser pulse emitted by a laser diode is reflected back via a lens.The distance of the object is calculated based on the angle and intensity of the received radiation. Advantages of measurements using triangulation are the high measurement frequency and accuracy that can be achieved with this method.


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